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the clean wire rope FISHCABLE

We have been a specialist manufacturer of steel wire ropes for the merchant marine and the industry over a decade.

Accredited to ISO 9001 by Bureau Veritas since 2004, our commitment is to provide you with products which satisfy your highest quality and time criteria.


We have a large range of wire ropes offering more than 100 different models, all greased with our exclusive H1 grease.

We are also able to meet the particulars needs related to the exploitation of the deep seabed with wire ropes up to 4,000m long.

Some wire ropes, like seine wire ropes, undergo a lot of pressure when used at a high speed. Thus, we manufacture resistant and flexible wire ropes answering specific requirements like those of industrial fishing.


Hoist cranes and rigs are used to lift heavy loads in a secure manner. Therefore, we offer powerful and long-lasting wire ropes manufactured to bear breaking loads up to 26,000KN (2650T).

Please feel free to contact us for more information or if you are looking for specific products.

We will do our best to exceed your expectations.

Steel or fiber core, Anti-rotation, Galvanized steel, High flexibility.
Greased FISHCABLE H1, from 8mm to 120mm, MBL from 4 to 120 T

Steel or fiber core, Very high-speed resistance, High flexibility.
Greased FISHCABLE H1, from 12mm to 68mm, MBL from 10 to 329 T

Steel core, Stainless steel.
Greased FISHCABLE H1, from 3mm to 20mm, MBL from 0,4 to 24 T