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WOXONE grease used by Fishcable is a high-quality lubricating grease that has been formulated in France. Non-toxic and non-polluting, VGP and EPA compliant, HACCP compatible, this food grade grease provides strong adhesive force.


WOXONE prevents rust, is resistant and its longevity protects the wire rope throughout operation, even under high temperatures and speed.


It is recommended to use it in all the food industry as accidental contact with food is not toxic and facilitates the HACCP approach.


  • The strong grip of WOXONE grease reduces the risks of splashes during high-speed operation.
  • The high lubricating property of WOXONE protects the wire rope and maintains its excellent conditions during operation.
  • The anti-rust effect of WOXONE notably extends the wire rope’s life cycle.
  • WOXONE can be used in numerous sectors thanks to its resistance to extreme temperatures from - 40° C to + 80° C.


  • Non-toxic and non polluting
  • VGP and EPA compliant
  • H1 Food grade
  • Anti-rust
  • High penetration
  • Very high adhesive force
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Can be used for diverse equipment and activities: cranes, winches, wire ropes, lifts, production machines, fishing and mooring.
Feature WOXONE grease NLGi # 2
Aspect White
Dropping point 80° C
Flash point ≥ 220° C
Adhesion rate ≥ 95 %
Breaking load for 75g/m² ≤ - 40° C
Containers 48L barrel, 18KG pail

For a mechanical high-pressure re-lubrication, we recommend the use of WOXONE grease in 48L barrel.

For a manual re-lubrication, we recommend the use of WOXONE grease in 18KG pails. Its soft consistency is specially adapted to manual lubrication..

WOXONE is fluid enough to penetrate fully into the wire rope when applied under high pressure.

You can download the WOXONE MSDS by clicking here. You can download the WOXONE VGP COMPLIANCE declaration here.